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An image library like no other

Although there are plenty of image libraries around, it is the huge number of photos available at Adobe Stock plus the ease of searching that the program offers which makes it so useful for a wide range of multimedia applications.

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  • Huge library
  • Ease to find what you need
  • Illustrations as well as photos


  • For professionals only due to the subscription fees
  • Images usage limited depending on the package

Very good

Although there are plenty of image libraries around, it is the huge number of photos available at Adobe Stock plus the ease of searching that the program offers which makes it so useful for a wide range of multimedia applications.

Find the right picture now

When Adobe Software launched their Creative Cloud sharing platform in 2015, one of the key elements of it was to connect professional photographers with graphic & design professionals who need high-quality images. The result of their work has been to create Adobe Stock, an image library that is so large that it has few competitors around the globe. Essentially, image creators will upload their work onto the platform where it can be viewed by anyone who subscribes to the service. Ideal for web page managers and multimedia designers, the program means searching for anything from a child's toy to an image of the Great Wall of China becomes a task that takes just a few seconds. With a keyword search and few clicks of the mouse, it is child's play to track down images of particular items. But that it not all – with Adobe Stock, it is also possible to look for images that convey harder to pin down concepts, such as emotions. Just try using it to search for 'happiness', 'grief' or 'mindfulness' to get a sense of how powerful the image searching can be. Looking to combine certain searches so that you get exactly what you're after? You can do so by entering a search term, such as 'food', under a popular category, like 'landscapes' or 'business', so that your results are honed in on the specific sort of thing you might require.

Combine images with your other design work

One of the key features that makes this extensive image library stand out from others for graphic & design projects is that any image you find be previewed in your work before you commit to it. Find a photo that you think your client will like? Simply use it in a watermarked form inside your design and show it to them. Once you gain approval, you can then license the use of the image. What's even more helpful is that you can manage any licensed images directly within Photoshop CC, InDesign CC and Illustrator CC as well as a number of other desktop programs made by Adobe. Ease of use is obviously a key part of what makes Adobe Stock a popular option for graphic designers but this means nothing if the quality of the images on offer are not up to scratch. Thankfully, huge swathes of pictures of impeccable quality are available in the library and you can even get used to the work of particular photographers around the globe whose work fits your own style. There is a useful 30-day free trial period which will allow you to use up to ten images – an ideal option if you are thinking about switching from a rival service. High definition images and videos are also available.

Get image hunting?

With a wide range of images, including 3-D models and visualizations, to choose from, there is little not to recommend Adobe Stock in terms of its versatility and simplicity.

Find the perfect asset for your next creative project

Adobe Stock is a service that provides designers and businesses with access to 90 million high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, templates, and 3D assets for all their creative projects. The Adobe Stock service is built right into your favorite Adobe desktop apps, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, so you can search, browse, and add assets to your Creative Cloud Libraries, and get instant access to your assets across desktop and mobile devices. In Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, to jump start your creative projects, you can even download artist-designed templates from Adobe Stock right within the New Document dialog boxes.

Adobe Stock is available as a subscription service. A number of purchasing options are available for individuals, teams, and enterprises.

The Adobe Stock Editorial collection offers images and videos that are newsworthy, timely, and depict real people, events, places, and products.

Adobe Stock Editorial images are available in two sizes: small image suitable for web use and limited print runs (US$49.99) and full-resolution image with unlimited print runs (US$199.99).

Adobe Stock Premium Editorial images are the most iconic, recognized images of our time. They have unlimited print runs and are also available in two sizes: premium small image (US$249.99) and premium full-resolution image (US$499.99).

All Adobe Stock Editorial videos are HD. When licensing Editorial videos, you have an option to purchase either a Standard license with limited viewership rights (US$79.99) or an Enhanced license with unlimited viewership (US$249.99).

You can access editorial assets on the Adobe Stock website or from within the Creative Cloud apps integrated with Adobe Stock. 

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